I’m a SAMFund Recipient

April 27, 2011 at 1:17 pm Leave a comment

Last fall amidst the craziness of announcing we were adopting, and then the winter of our oh-so-fast adoption, I haven’t had a  chance to blog about the SAMFund yet.

The SAMFund

I don’t recall exactly how I learned about the SAMFund, but between my fellow cancer survivor friends and online media, I was made aware of this organization. Their mission is provide grants to young adult cancer survivors who’ve been impacted by cancer. It doesn’t matter what type of cancer you’ve had, the SAMFund can help. They provide grants to young adult cancer survivors to help with medical bills, gym memberships, school, family building and more. I had known about the SAMFund for awhile, and when we began our adoption process, I applied for a family building grant. Our process to adopt was directly impacted by my cancer, and so I felt like I had a shot.

Hearing from the SAMFund

God’s timing is always perfect, and how funny it is. I had completed all of our paperwork to begin our home study, including the worksheet with my credit card information. I folded it up and placed it in an envelope to mail later that day. No joke – before I could take the letter to the mailbox, I got a call from the SAMFund, notifying me that I had received a grant from their foundation. They wanted to award us a grant to pay for our home study.

Thankful for the SAMFund

Receiving a grant from the SAMFund wasn’t only so helpful for our adoption finances, but it meant so much to me personally. In a way, cancer gave back to me that day. It meant the world to be recognized by this organization as someone worthy of their grant funds. The road of cancer is long and hard, and so when its stopped in its tracks for a moment and you’re blessed by it, it’s a chilling yet very amazing experience.

I am so appreciative of the SAMFund. Not just for their financial aid, but for the emotional boost they gave me in the process. I’m excited for them and their new video they just launch to share their SAMFund story and mission with the world.

Check out the new SAMFund video, and spread their cause with me!

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