Blood work and Boat Napping

August 24, 2011 at 2:00 pm Leave a comment

Pretty awesome post title, huh? Blood work and boat napping pretty much sums up my weekend and past few days.

Although my visit to the oncologist was somewhat dramatic last week, at least my blood work was not. Good news, CEA levels are normal. Not that they’ve ever really spiked – even when I had a stage 3 tumor – but you know, every bit of good news helps. Here’s some info if you’re not sure about what I mean by CEA levels.

In addition to having a good report on my blood work, I had another exciting experience over the weekend. I feel asleep on a boat.  And Mike, well he fell asleep in a raft. And man was that nice. You see, life seems to be crazy around the homestead for us, and so getting away with a friend and relaxing was just what we needed. I often blame my crazy schedule and go-go-go personality on the fact that I did have cancer, and that I want to pack as much into life as possible because I know it’s short. But once in a while I do remember to slow down and take it easy. I’m not exactly a “good relaxer” but this weekend I didn’t seem to have any trouble watching a movie, eating and sleeping – even sleeping on a boat.

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