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Ask Dr. T – Can Pre-Cancerous Polyps Re-Grow?

We haven’t checked in with our favorite Lee’s Summit gastroenterologist in awhile, so I thought we’d throw a question his way:

Dear Dr. T,

Can pre-cancerous polyps re-grow (once removed?)

Dr. T says:

“Not usually at the same site where they were removed -sometimes a polyp that is incompletely removed will recur -especially flat or large polyps. Sometimes more frequent exams are required to ensure that regrowth does not occur.”


A huge thanks to Dr. Marc Taormina of Midwest Gastroenterology for weighing in on our “everything colon” questions! If you have a question for the doctor, just leave a comment, or send me an email and we’ll get your questions answered!

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Ask Dr. T: Do Men Fart More than Women?

Dear Dr. T,
Do men fart more than women each day, on average? Or are women just not owning up to it?

(It’s been said that on average, men fart an average of 17 times a day, and women fart an average of 9 times a day.)
Dr. T’s Answer:
Yes, it’s true. I honestly don’t know why. It could be diet, bigger GI tracts, and/or swallowing more air.
So there it is ladies and gents. Men do, on average, pass gas more often than women. That is of course when we’re comparing men and women with normal colons. Now in the case of a semicolon or someone else with some IBS/GI-stuff happening… yeah … it’s a whole different ballgame.
A big thanks to Dr. Taormina from Midwest Gastroenterology for helping answer our “Ask Dr. T” question today.

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How often should you go number two?

Ahh, our second session with Dr. Taormina from Midwest Gastroenterology! Today’s question applies to most normal people in the world (AKA those with regularly sized colons.) But hey – they go poop too.  So fellow semicolons, I apologize. We’ll get back to our stuff soon!

Dear Dr. T,
How many times should the average person be going “Number Two” each day?

Dr. T’s Answer:
It varies, depending on the person. Some go 2-3 times daily and others go once every 3-5 days!

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Can Twizzlers Make Your Poop Red?

By far, one of the most common Google searches that leads people to my blog is, “Can Twizzlers make your poop red?” So – I asked our resident SemiColon Blog expert, and here’s what Dr. Taormina from Midwest Gastroenterology had to say:

Dear Dr. T,
Can eating Twizzlers make your poop red?

Dr. T’s answer:
Yes. The dye in Twizzlers will make your poop red, depending on how much you eat and how rapid it transits the gut. Beware the sugarless variety ! It has sorbitol and eating enough of that will give you red-tinted diarrheal stools!

So there you have it, blog readers. Yes, Twizzlers CAN make your poop red. Now – if your poop is red, like blood, and you haven’t been eating a bag of Twizzlers, get it checked out.

August 6, 2010 at 1:46 pm 1 comment

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