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SemiColon Props: Cake Wrecks Blog

My husband forwarded me a link to this blog the other day – Cake Wrecks

Because CAKE is one of my absolute favorite foods, I found it especially interesting. I then spent the next fifteen minutes laughing out loud as I looked through months of former posts.

Professional cakes gone wrong. Simply hilarious.

Especially this post they did on poo.

Which is why this one gets a SemiColon Props. You HAVE to check this out:

Here’s a preview:



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Props for Toilet Box Desks

It’s time for another SemiColon Props.

I enjoy the “props” feature of the blog. It’s a way to point out and appreciate the use of bathroom or colon-related things in unusual or creative ways.

Today’s SemiColon Props goes out to my co-worker, Jeff. He was in the midst of shooting a video on location and needed a make-shift desk. I think he made a strong choice.

Mac Thrones?

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