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Mae Day – Take Two!

Can you believe it? We can’t either.

Two years ago I sat down and told the world I had suddenly become a Mama. And yes, I mean suddenly.

But, the Lord is good. There’s not much more to say.

(Oh – other than we absolutely adore this child and are blessed by her each day. That she is beautiful. Funny. Talented. And a perfect fit for our family. That I couldn’t have asked for a more precious daughter to be a forever mama to – and that I pray that God blesses her life in even more ways than she has blessed mine – which is pretty innumerable.)

To Celebrate…

We had a party – chili, cornbread and cupcakes. We watched movies. We talked about how cold it was two years ago. We talked about how God is good.

We’ve very much enjoyed our second Mae Day.

He settles the barren woman in her home as a happy mother of children.

Praise the LORD. – Psalm 113:9


I took last year’s blog posts and made a book for Mae called ‘Mae’s Adoption Story.” Now she will always know what took place those crazy three weeks before she moved in.


The three of us – two years later!


Blessed by so many loving grandparents!


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