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How often should you go number two?

Ahh, our second session with Dr. Taormina from Midwest Gastroenterology! Today’s question applies to most normal people in the world (AKA those with regularly sized colons.) But hey – they go poop too.  So fellow semicolons, I apologize. We’ll get back to our stuff soon!

Dear Dr. T,
How many times should the average person be going “Number Two” each day?

Dr. T’s Answer:
It varies, depending on the person. Some go 2-3 times daily and others go once every 3-5 days!

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Can Twizzlers Make Your Poop Red?

By far, one of the most common Google searches that leads people to my blog is, “Can Twizzlers make your poop red?” So – I asked our resident SemiColon Blog expert, and here’s what Dr. Taormina from Midwest Gastroenterology had to say:

Dear Dr. T,
Can eating Twizzlers make your poop red?

Dr. T’s answer:
Yes. The dye in Twizzlers will make your poop red, depending on how much you eat and how rapid it transits the gut. Beware the sugarless variety ! It has sorbitol and eating enough of that will give you red-tinted diarrheal stools!

So there you have it, blog readers. Yes, Twizzlers CAN make your poop red. Now – if your poop is red, like blood, and you haven’t been eating a bag of Twizzlers, get it checked out.

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Ask Dr. T

Ever wonder about those new colon cleanse diets and if they’re really healthy for you?

Curious about how many times you should be going #2 every day?

Wondering what kind of diet you should be on?

Well… Ask Dr. T!

The SemiColon Blog is excited to announce a partnership with my doctor and friends at Midwest Gastroenterology. Just like Dr. Oz, but better, Dr. Taormina and his practice have agreed to help answer some of your most embarrassing questions on our blog! Get advice and tips from a local doctor here in the Kansas City area! Ask him anything and everything, and don’t worry, you won’t gross him out. He gives colonoscopies for a living now.

Submit your questions by emailing me at or leave a comment (it will not be posted!) We’ll choose a few questions to answer each month, so if you don’t see your answer this month, keep checking back!!

This is going to be so fun, I can’t wait! Please ask away, and lets work together to make digestive health a priority!

p.s. I realize not everyone is as excited to associate their name to poo, or other GI issues, as I am. For that reason, you questions will be anonymous on the blog. 🙂

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Reason #29 You Never Want Colon Cancer

Reason #29
Your favorite doctor is #1 in the #2 business

Not that this is a negative in my life, but when you’re a colon gal, you see the colon doc a lot. I thought this would be a good opportunity to do a shameless plug for my GI doc, Dr. Taormina at Midwest Gastroenterology. Midwest GI saved me the pains that many of my fellow survivor friends have gone through in that I was not misdiagnosed. Although I was a young, 17-year-old with braces on my teeth who entered their office with some rectal bleeding, they still gave me the full colonoscopy and found my cancer as early as they had the chance. I’d recommend them to anyone in the area needing help with all GI-related issues. They are definitely my go-to place.

Ask Dr. T!
Speaking of Midwest GI and “issues,” Dr. T is actually going to become a feature on the Semicolon Stories blog. I’m often asked bowel-related questions since colon stuff seems to be my “thing.” Well, instead of me trying to give medical advice, Dr. T has agreed to answer questions that you guys have. If anything is looking funny, feeling funny or just not right, ask away! Curious about the latest trends, vitamins and what’s safe? Ask away! He’ll know the real answers rather than me just relating to your bloating problems and trying to diagnose you, or give you my opinions! We’ll send him a list of questions a few times each month, and he’ll give his doctor’s advice about what you should do!

If you have a question, you can submit a comment. It will not be posted on the blog (I have control over what is posted) and it will be kept anonymous. For example if you’re wondering why you can’t stop farting, the question will look like this:

Dear Dr. T,
Please help! I cannot stop farting, especially after eating lettuce and teriyaki! Yikes!

Gassy Girl

So… let the games begin and start sending in your questions! Send us questions about anything and everything, and we’ll have an “Ask Dr. T.” post every few weeks. This should be fun!

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