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Holding It Through Costco

For those of you who missed my poop posts, well here ya go.

So I made it through Costco tonight. We’ll just leave it at that. For those of you who also suffer from, er, urgency issues, you know what I mean. And all in the Crohn’s club yells “yeahhhh baby.” Tonight’s episode of trying to make it through the store gave me flashbacks to last Christmas. Let’s just say that I have used every restroom between Springfield and Clinton. And I’ve never been more thankful my hubby had family in Clinton. Ahh memories. His grandpa had to give me his prescription anti-crap pills. Now when I’m taking that sort of stuff, it’s bad.

So why bore you (or I guess for some of you this is interesting) with my poop-a-palooza stories? Well, it’s just to push myself to keep bringing such an uncomfortable, unwanted topic out in the open. Because for years I wouldn’t talk about poop. I couldn’t imagine being married and pooping in the same house as someone. And my phobia of poop wound me up with stage III colon cancer because I wouldn’t talk about it.

So there ya go, a poop post. Oh – and here’s a baby picture, just for making it through all of this bathroom humor. HAHA – get it. Man I crack myself up. HAHA get it, crack? Ok I’m done.


I bet I get this look more and more as she realizes her mama's a poop blogger....

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Reason #15 You Never Want Colon Cancer

Reason #15
Kiss the careless french fry eating days away.

NOT that you can’t eat French fries after you’ve had colon cancer. But you definitely think twice about how much you eat, especially when they’re still dripping in oil. The more oil and french fry consumption, the greater the chance that you’ll get a lot of bathroom magazine reading done that night.

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Reason #14 You Never Want Colon Cancer

Reason #14
You cross your fingers when you travel.

Depending on how early the flight, how strong the coffee, or how stressful the morning – things could go very well or very bad. You pray to God you can avoid spending the entire flight in the plane’s tiny bathroom.

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