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Too Much Stress

A Reuters article reported this week that, “People with inflammatory bowel disease commonly believe that stress can trigger their symptoms, and a new study suggests they may be right.”


I am not sure whether I am humored or disturbed by this recent study by Canadian researchers. Maybe if more of them would get out of the lab and spend a week or two with some of us, they’d get even more perspective for what we go through. All I need is a bad day where my nerves are shot and my hands are shaking because I’ve got so much adrenaline and nervous energy pumping through my veins … and see where I am that night and the next morning. It’s not really rocket science here. Or here’s a tip for those who are on the cutting edge of colon cancer genetic research – come and test my blood after one of those days and see if stress impacts my MLH1 gene, or if I happen to grow a new round of little polyps after one of these seasons. I’ve got a hunch that there’s a corolation.


Although these researchers are just now finding some ‘validity’ to some of our ‘claims’  – it still doesn’t take away the real problem most of us face: too much stress. And while I’m sure we’d love it sometimes, it’s nearly impossible to isolate ourselves from it or just throw in the towel (although I do feel sometimes a total break from a bad situation is what it will take.)  But generally as a culture,we’ve got to find a way to manage our stress better. My colon takes a toll, while for others it’s their skin, teeth, weight, blood pressure (or all of the above.) I’ve come to realize that if we all don’t start taking steps in this direction, we’ll be sorry.  Some of us will get sick and deal with a poor immunity the rest of our lives, others will be on chronic care, and then some of us just might not even make it. Sorry to sound grim, but it’s reality. It will eventually kill us.


In the spirit of helpfulness, let’s talk about how to make this even a little bit better. Here are 5 things I am trying to put into practice when I hit those high-level stress days. Granted, I need to listen to myself more than I do, but here’s a start.

– Take a walk
– Landscape (a recent find)
– Boxing class
– Leave the situation
– Drink wine

OK … your turn. Chime in and toss out your ideas about how you try to manage your stress to add to the list.

April 22, 2010 at 10:23 am 5 comments

My Thanksgiving

I’ve eaten like crap all day. It’s not necessary causing a horrible day bathroom-wise, it’s just made me feel funny. Maybe just a little “off.” But some days, I need to do this. To remember I’m still human, and experience what I have to be thankful for.

In the season of Thanksgiving, I have much to appreciate. This entire year has been full of fear, suffering, pain and readjustment from a second colon surgery and second diagnosis of cancer. But looking at the experience that happened almost a year later, I am in a much better place than I ever thought I’d be.

I’m able to still enjoy life. I let myself heal after surgery for a few months and tried to keep my physical activity to a minimum and eat very little, bland food. But after awhile, I started feeling better.

I can once again eat the amazing onion rings at the cool bowling alley. I can visit “Kansas City’s Top Mexican Restaurant” and have a decent evening following the meal. I can go to boxing class again and run three miles. Sure, I’ve “gotta go” more than other people. But it’s so worth it now that I can finally live again.

There’s a lot of grumbling to be had when you’re a semi-colon. It does make life harder some days, and is a huge pain if you combine the wrong food with the wrong stress level on the wrong day. But other times, it’s really not so bad. And thankfully for me, those other times are becoming more frequent than not. And for that, I am very, very thankful.

November 13, 2009 at 9:26 pm 1 comment

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