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I Need to Write More

Well, it’s March 25. Man where has the time gone?

While the time has been going – where I don’ t really know – what has NOT been going are my blog posts. It’s so hard to write sometimes, and especially as a writer. I wonder if people in other trades have the same problem. Do chefs go home and make dinner for the family? Does a painter make sure his house and all of his walls are crisp and fresh in paint? Probably not. Or at least, I’m going to choose not to think so in order to feel better.

Anyways, all of that to say sorry for not writing more. I’ve got about a million ideas swirling around in my head about what could-be blog posts. Not to mention there’s a new opportunity to write for a devotional book again. Oh – and I really want to write a book about my cancer-infertility-adoption story this year. But you know – yeah.

However, I was encouraged and challenged yesterday by a book that I’m reading right now. It’s my first “I’m a Mom Now” book – meaning it has “mom” in the title. A whole new experience for me that’s a whole new blog post – BUT – my point is that the book has challenged me. It’s challenged me because it recognized that as a mama of a young kiddo, life is BUSY. However, as busy as we are, we must make time to exercise our God-given gifts and talents for His glory. We have to make time for us, make time for Him, and make time to exercise our gifts.

I’ve been writing a lot for my freelance copywriting business lately, but not for my personal benefit – nor the enrichment of others. The book was great for me to read yesterday, as it’s given me a new challenge to get back in the game. It’s harder now than ever, but I have to make the time to write. I think it’s why I’m still here. And by golly, I am going to make the most of this.

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Reason #19 You Never Want Colon Cancer

Reason #19
Some days you nap as often as a two year old.

A big part of staying healthy for me is getting enough sleep. Although I have a go-go-go personality and often keep a busy schedule, I always hit a point where sleep is imperative or things will not be good. It’s part of the deal of living as a semicolon and being able to leave the house some days.

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