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Colonoscopy Survival Kit – Updated

Today I had the privilege of  enduring yet another colonoscopy!  Privileged not because of the procedure, but because I actually still have *some* remaining colon to check out. As I prepped yesterday, my Colonoscopy Survival Kit came to mind. And while I followed some of my own recommendations, I stumbled upon a few extra tips. Here are few additions to my previously mentioned Colonoscopy Survival Kit:

  • Coffee. I know – some people probably think I am crazy, but I’ve never had coffee the day before my test. I’m not a HUGE coffee drinker, but yesterday I started sucking down the joe and it was fantastic. Helped curve my hunger almost all of the day.
  • White Grape Juice Slushies – another fantastic clear drink. I’m a big grape juice fan, so this white version made my day. My husband finely chopped some ice in a large cup, and I poured grape juice over it. Just like a Sonic slushy, except less sugary, definitely colonoscopy-prep safe, and (besides for buying the juice) FREE.
  • DVR (or Tivo) – Nothing like having a long TV show, or movie, to help entertain you the night you clean out. But what’s even better than good entertainment is the ability to pause live TV throughout the evening. Life. Saver.

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Reasons #23 & #24 You Never Want Colon Cancer

Reason #23
You’ll have to take it easy on the cheese

I’ve never really considered myself a cheese connoisseur, but lately I’ve realized how much I love it … but not its impact on the GI track. Too much cheese will equal too much gas, or bathroom time, or both, guaranteed.

Reason #24
Coffee-only mornings make you blow up like a blimp

Maybe it was just my day today, but I learned the hard way that I probably shouldn’t start my mornings off with black coffee and neglect to eat anything with it. I felt like the Good Air Blimp was inside of my stomach all day.

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Reason #14 You Never Want Colon Cancer

Reason #14
You cross your fingers when you travel.

Depending on how early the flight, how strong the coffee, or how stressful the morning – things could go very well or very bad. You pray to God you can avoid spending the entire flight in the plane’s tiny bathroom.

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