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January 21 – Court Date Scheduled | Mae’s Adoption Journey

A whole work week had gone by. On Monday, we thought we’d be in court by Friday. Friday morning had arrived and we still didn’t know if we had court that day. We were ready to leave at any second in case lawyer Mike could get us in front of a judge ASAP.

An email finally came through from the adoption agency that morning letting us know about a small ‘hangup’ in the process. My stomach dropped. Ut oh- birth mom change her mind? Birth father appeared out of nowhere? Something was wrong with the baby?

Luckily – just a few meetings had been postponed and so court wouldn’t be happening in just a few hours. I exhaled and was relieved – this I could handle.

Setting the Court Date

I notified Mike who was on standby at work that we wouldn’t be in court before the weekend. We’d held off making any plans with the hope that we’d have a little girl living with us. Luckily, our lawyer called quickly to give us the details on our court date and what to plan on.

We’d been assigned a judge. The judge happened to be out-of-town the following week. And he couldn’t get our case transferred – so we had to wait. So now our court date was set for a little over a week away – January 31st.

We knew of several friends who’d adopted internationally so I quickly had my disappointment put into perspective. Waiting another week – since only two weeks had gone by since we’d begun this process – was nothing. Plus, we could visit the baby as much as we wanted – she just couldn’t come live with us yet. So we put our chins up and decided that this was probably a good thing – we’d have another week to get ready for baby.

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