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Puck Dropper

While living the cancer survivor life has been no cake walk, I will say that it’s afforded me some of the coolest opportunities.

One of those opportunities came this past fall when I was asked to represent Midwest Gastroenterology and drop the ceremonial puck at the Missouri Mavericks game. With Mike & I being avid Mavericks fans and season ticket holders, this was a no-brainer. I think the best part was watching Mike’s face as he stood with me and watched all of the players skate onto the ice from the locker room.

Thanks, Dr. T for this priceless opportunity! Enjoy some pics…

Puck Dropper

Nice and close

We could even smell their sweat

And they could hear Mike yelling their names

These guys had a blast with the foam fingers

It's me with Dr. T on Halloween night at the Mavericks game!



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Praise the Lord for Probiotics

For anyone else out there who suffers from IBS-type “stuff” – boy do I have some good news for you.

Toward the end of October, I was having some major trouble. I have had a relatively easy-going experience with my bathroom habits ever since my surgery over a year ago, considering I have 12 inches of large bowel left. I’ve certainly had my days and weeks, but generally, it had been going well. But all of the sudden, it’s like my body remembered that I hardly have a colon and started revolting. And it’s favorite time to revolt? About 3am.

I’ve been doing some freelance work for Dr. Taormina and happened to ask him if he had any tips for what might be going on with me. He suggested that I try a probiotic. He’s never steered me wrong yet, so with his advice, I went for it.

And then I began hearing the angels in heaven singing.

Well, not really. But let’s just say after four weeks now of taking the probiotic, my problems are (mostly) gone. And the two occasions where I’ve had problems – I forgot to take the pill that day.Which means… I am definitely on the probiotics train now.


What Are Probiotics?

Basically, probiotics are a dietary supplement that help get your digestive system balanced. Probiotics are good bacteria, and essential for healthy digestion. Because the percentage of good bacteria naturally decreases as we age, our bodies sometimes need help getting some extra good stuff in. Often times diet and stress can disrupt the natural balance of good bacteria, and a probiotic can help balance you back out.

While there are a ton on the market, I will say that I’ve been taking a supplement called Align. There are several others out there – just make sure before you buy one that the #1 ingredient is not sugar. (Look on the back of the bottle.) I’d recommend going with a GI-doctor suggested pill before purchasing anything expense at your fancy drug store. Align is a little pricey (it was around $25 for a month’s supply) – but let me tell you – it’s totally worth it for this semicolon gal.

So that’s it folks. For any of my fellow GI-suffers, try it out and let me know how it goes, okay?

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Good Colonoscopy Report!

Just wanted to make a quick post and happily report that my colonoscopy yesterday went awesome! Yep, the words colonoscopy and awesome were just used in the same sentence – twice now.

There have been several hurdles that come from having a semicolon, but having a colonoscopy is not one of them. This time, the prep and clean out were pretty easy, especially since I’ve not got much to clean out these days! The day of fasting went well, I found several new updates for my Colonoscopy Survival Kit, and I had a decent evening.
The morning of the test was a little nerve-wracking, as I tried to calm my fears that Dr. T would find some sort of polyp or sign that cancer is trying to crawl back – but he found none! I even had an upper scope performed to give me a baseline scan since I’m a highly suspicious to have Lynch Syndrome, and even that was clear. Everything looked great. And to top it off, Midwest GI has switched their sedation medications to make it a better experience for patients, so I remember talking to the doctor, going to Starbucks afterwards, and even watching a movie once I got home. No more zombie fogginess embarrassment stories.

So yes, that’s my small update about my personal health. Praise the Lord I am IN THE CLEAR.

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Reason #29 You Never Want Colon Cancer

Reason #29
Your favorite doctor is #1 in the #2 business

Not that this is a negative in my life, but when you’re a colon gal, you see the colon doc a lot. I thought this would be a good opportunity to do a shameless plug for my GI doc, Dr. Taormina at Midwest Gastroenterology. Midwest GI saved me the pains that many of my fellow survivor friends have gone through in that I was not misdiagnosed. Although I was a young, 17-year-old with braces on my teeth who entered their office with some rectal bleeding, they still gave me the full colonoscopy and found my cancer as early as they had the chance. I’d recommend them to anyone in the area needing help with all GI-related issues. They are definitely my go-to place.

Ask Dr. T!
Speaking of Midwest GI and “issues,” Dr. T is actually going to become a feature on the Semicolon Stories blog. I’m often asked bowel-related questions since colon stuff seems to be my “thing.” Well, instead of me trying to give medical advice, Dr. T has agreed to answer questions that you guys have. If anything is looking funny, feeling funny or just not right, ask away! Curious about the latest trends, vitamins and what’s safe? Ask away! He’ll know the real answers rather than me just relating to your bloating problems and trying to diagnose you, or give you my opinions! We’ll send him a list of questions a few times each month, and he’ll give his doctor’s advice about what you should do!

If you have a question, you can submit a comment. It will not be posted on the blog (I have control over what is posted) and it will be kept anonymous. For example if you’re wondering why you can’t stop farting, the question will look like this:

Dear Dr. T,
Please help! I cannot stop farting, especially after eating lettuce and teriyaki! Yikes!

Gassy Girl

So… let the games begin and start sending in your questions! Send us questions about anything and everything, and we’ll have an “Ask Dr. T.” post every few weeks. This should be fun!

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