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Dress In BLUE Day

Today, I hope the world is covered in blue.

Not to show support of a team, or even a special school.

But to carry the message of colon cancer awareness.

While those of us impacted realize that wearing a certain color won’t make cancer go away,

We do know that it will help people realize the importance of colon screening.

And that it really is a big deal.

A colonoscopy is much easier to deal with than surgery, chemo and radiation.

That’s why those of us who have gone through it keep getting the message out.

So today, on Dress in Blue Day, we ask for your help.

Spread the message. Dress in Blue.

Encourage everyone (especially those over 50 and with a family history) to get their colons screened.

Let’s save some lives together.

March 4, 2011 at 7:31 am Leave a comment

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