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Reasons #8-11 You Never Want Colon Cancer

Oh blog readers, I am back. Sorry, crazy week. In light of the craziness, I have been reminded of some of the intricacies of being a colon cancer survivor. Here are a few that have impacted this week:

Reason #8
Everyone prefers to “use their own barn,” but you often don’t have that option.

And when you don’t, it’s so embarrassing. You see, most of us semicolons don’t have the purse or pocket space to carry around our own air freshener and we’d look like freaks, or terrorists, if we carried around a box full of matches.

Reason #9
As appetizing as the new fiber bars on the market look and smell, you’d better just stay away.

Dang you Kashi – you’ve got one that looks awesome too. But no matter how good you smell nor how cool your packaging works, there’s NO WAY I am even testing you out before a night away from home.

Reason #10
A heavy dose of stress works just like a bottle of MiraLax.

Some nights after a long day it’s like I’m preparing for a colonoscopy but without the day of fasting and scope in the morning.

Reason #11
Your dilemma: A healthy diet is full of fresh veggies, whole grains, nuts and seeds. Some of your worst days are full of fresh veggies, whole grains, nuts and seeds.

This one is still stumping me. I’m constantly fighting the balance of eating very healthy, whole, nutrient-full foods while keeping in mind those are often hardest on my colon. I am personally fortunate that I can still eat salads and other veggies that aren’t steamed given my situation. Many other semicolons don’t have it as fortunate.

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All About the Oats

A post about OATS for all of my semi-colon friends out there. (And others who don’t necessarily need to add a lot of fiber to your diet, if you know what I’m saying…)

Just a few pointers from my experience this past holiday regarding oats:

-steel-cut oats: If you eat them, don’t  make plans to go anywhere that evening. Oh they’ll give you a healthy dose of fiber and make you feel full, but you’ll have enough gas to blow up a blimp.

– rolled oats: These are great, and especially for making homemade granola. While I can’t say avoid them all-together, just eat in moderation. AKA – don’t make homemade granola and eat it for breakfast and snack while you’re on a roadtrip. Side note: I’ve tested three great granola recipes, and here’s my favorite.

– quick oats: These guys get the bad rap with health gurus, but honestly – they’re  worthy foods and I recommend eating them. These are the basic “Quaker Oats” you see at grocery stores. Although the original grain is the most broken down in this version of oats and lacks the same nutritional value as the others, they still make you feel just as full, provide you some fiber, help with the cholesterol AND are easily digestible. I recommend starting your day off with these bad boys if you don’t need a ton of fiber added to your diet.

The Key

I’ve learned that the trick is to stick with soluble fiber. Here’s the difference:

insoluable fiber: what’s most commonly known as fiber-producers. Found in whole grains, bran, lettuce, sprouts, seeds, nuts, etc. While it’s excellent for you, it’s also a GI-stimulant. So boys  and girls, if you’ve got a little (or even irritable) colon, you want to moderate these foods. Eat too much and they can ruin your plans in an instant.

soluable fiber: these foods will change form and somewhat dissolve in water. Example: quick oats. Mix them with water and they get mushy and change form. That’s a sign that they will be easy on the GI track. Foods like oatmeal, apples, peaches, oranges, carrots, etc. are what you want to fill up on to get some fiber in your diet and have a life.

Final remarks:

I’m not down on fiber, I actually encourage it. However, know how much you need, the different types, and when to eat it in order to not let it run your life. Especially if you’re a semi-colon.

For more fiberific info, read this study in the Washington Post.

For more info about soluable and insoluable fiber, read this.

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