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Less-IBS… continued

So I’ve been experimenting with different ways to decrease my IBS-like symptoms the past week or so. So far, things are going really, really well. My belly hasn’t been in a constant ache and I feel better, more energized. This hasn’t decreased my number of trips to the potty, but I must be realistic about my goals here. If I can feel better during the day, bring on the bathroom trips.

Here are a few things I’ve noticed that have helped me feel better:

1. Sleep.  I know, this was #1 on my last list. But it’s a biggie for me. The more rested I am, the better I feel. I know, it’s revolutionary. But for this gal who’s got a lot on her plate, it’s important for me to remember, and it’s really helped me the past week.

2. Calorie Counting. Most people attribute this to weight loss. And while it’s important for that, it’s also a big help for those who struggle with IBS. Overeating can be one of the worst triggers. I’ve found over the past few weeks though, when I manage my calories and don’t go over my recommended daily total – I don’t have hardly any food problems. Granted, I’ve been eating a lot better, too, but calorie counting has tremendously helped me.

For a great calorie counter, I recommend SparkPeople or LiveStrong. (I have the LiveStrong app on my phone and LOVE IT.)

3. Diet. I know, another shocker. But a diet full of fresh, healthy, non-processed foods has really helped me feel better. At first all of the fresh fruits & veggies can be a little rough on the colon, but after awhile I’ve gotten used to it. It’s somewhat like fiber – when you first starting eating more, hang on to your hat. But after awhile, your body adjusts and you handle it much better. I do recommend; however, that if you’re going for a salad, eat some crackers or bread before and after. It’s helped me digest it and cut down the gas and other problems.

I’ve also really cut down on my meat and dairy intake. I’ve not ruled it out completely, but I’ve noticed a big difference when I’m not consuming as much (especially red) meat and milk. Still go for string cheese and yogurt, though!

4. Not eating after 9pm. I don’t follow this every night, but I try to as much as I can. If I can tap myself off on food and most drinks by 9pm, it allows my system to rest throughout the night. I just feel better in the morning. Also, this is another recommended weight loss tip, so it’s a double-bonus for us IBS-ers.

So there it is! My Less-IBS plan continues and is finding much success! If you’re a fellow IBS-er and have any other helpful tips, do share!

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My Less-IBS plan

I’ll admit, sometimes I live in denial.

Maybe it’s just that I want to blend in. Or, it could be that the new burger botique across from my workplace keeps calling my name, and regardless of what will happen after I try it, I decide to go anyway.

While it’s fun (and in my opinion, very needed) to occasionally live in denial when you’re someone who has IBS-like symptoms, it’s only fun after a few days or at the very most, weeks, if you’re lucky.

So, after the past few weeks of splurging on all of the truffle fries, burgers, greasy tacos and oh, so much more… I’m taking the next few weeks to get back to feeling healthy. I’m ready to have my energy back, stop using the restroom at 1am, and eliminate the constant abdominal ache.

And, for the sake of accountability, and to help educate the world about life after colon cancer and colon surgery, I’ve decided to blog about it. Aren’t you lucky!!

So… I’m still formulating my plan. But here’s what Day 1 of my “Less-IBS” plan has looked like so far. Stay tuned for oh, so much more.

DAY 1 of Less-IBS
1. Get plenty of sleep. I’ve been running on “E” or “too close to E” for a few weeks now. This majorly impacts my mood and attitude, but even more my GI tract. Enough sleep = much better chances to having a better day.

2. Read about the triggers, remind myself of a good IBS diet to follow. Two resources I’ve used:
IBS diet recommendations from Midwest GI
Great website… and book. My mom bought me the book last summer after colon surgery and I refreshed my mind with its helpful tips and ideas this morning.

3. Plan my meals. Oatmeal for breakfast, got some soup for lunch, and set out chicken to cook for dinner. The more planning I can do, the better this is going to go.

4. Store list. “Eating for IBS” has helped me know what to keep my kitchen stocked with. I’m down on some of the important ingredients, must go soon.

Okay, so that’s my plan for Day 1…. we’ll see how this goes.

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