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Fig Tree Cafe & Bakery

One of my favorite things in the world includes supporting local eateries. While I’m not a fan of “bucket lists,” IF I had one, eating at local joints very often would definitely be on there!

The Fig Tree Cafe & Bakery is a ray of sunshine along the 291 Hwy strip in Lee’s Summit. I was delighted to hear that my hometown had a new venue that touted local, mostly organic menu options. And my first visit for breakfast did not disappoint!

Located in the spot held by popular pizza place Minsky’s for several years, this local foods restaurant is worth a visit! I’ve personally had their vegetarian omelet and grilled chicken salad (separate visits), and will say that their hummus and reuben sandwich looked quite yummy as well! Their wait staff is friendly, food is fresh, and organic coffee is hot. And, it’s all at a very reasonable price.

If you’re in or near the Lee’s Summit area, I encourage you to give this new eatery a try and keep these local, fresh, organic places in business!

Fig Tree Cafe & Bakery
817 NE Rice Road
Lees Summit, MO

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My Five Favorites

… from this past weekend’s Eat Local food expo. Thanks to the Kansas City Food Circle for putting this on!

1. All of the people!
Mike and I both were amazed at how many people, and different types of people, were at the food expo. It was awesome to feel like we were part of a larger community who valued the same thing – local, quality food. It was awesome!

2. Cranberry bushes!
We had no idea that you can grow cranberry bushes in the area. As we walked around, we learned all kinds of new things about what can be grown locally. While we don’t have our backyard ready to go for it yet, it gave us great ideas for the future! (and opened our eyes to how much fun this can be…)

3. Familiar faces … sort of.
We learned about the expo thanks to our pals at Fresh Connect. Not only did we see them there, but we also saw some of the people who work at Wells Family Farm and Schenker Family Farm, the two places where most of our meat comes from these days. So fun to put faces to the name, or package of hamburger in our case.

4. Breakfast… yummmmmmm.
We arrived hungry, and I was praying that there would be something we could eat for breakfast. Thanks to the Bread of Life’s table, we were in luck. We shared some awesome vegan zucchini bread and then drooled over all of their other selections. So good.

5. New Date Night Ideas!
If you know Mike & I very well, you know we try to have a weekly date night. Walking through the expo gave us some great new ideas, with our favorite being the New Earth Gardens in Bates City, MO. When you visit, they have a “U-Pick it” program where you go through the farm and pick what you want. They are growing so much stuff right now, it’s crazy cool. We can’t wait to try it out!

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