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A New Normal

Thanks to everyone for your kind words and thoughts for our family. Losing our dog a week ago has been one of the toughest things we’ve been through, but having so much support and empathy helps soften the blow.

We’ve been asked how Mae & Joey are doing a lot, so I thought I’d post some fun pics of how those two are getting by. I think it’s a good thing Mae is two because she somewhat understands that “Ninney went bye-bye” but doesn’t really comprehend everything. And Joey, well, she’s still getting used to a new normal but I can say she is becoming one spoiled dog. And you know, that’s OK with me.


Joey is doing a good job of keeping me company in my office these days.

“Don’t touch” is probably spoken more than “Merry Christmas” right now.

A trip up to Lincoln, NE to see our cousins was good for the soul. Mae & Kylie played … and bathed.









Joey’s become our ride-along buddy. Yes, we take her everywhere we possibly can

Ahh, home. Something about a cold night and a cozy fire brings peace and comfort.

December 13, 2012 at 8:32 am 1 comment

Taking Life For Granted?

So I heard that it’s best to blog a little every day than try to come up with long posts now and then. Revolutionary, right. So, I’m going to try that approach. As I mentioned before, I’ve become what some might call a “professional blogger” in the sense that I am paid to write blogs for other people all day long. So thus, this poor Semicolon blog gets abandoned. But maybe these new blogging tips I ran across may help.

So for today’s quick post, I am going to throw out something that’s been on my mind a lot – taking things for granted. We say it all the time, “don’t take it for granted.” From our electricity to the few years we have with our children as babies – our culture is known for this ‘don’t take for granted’ catch phrase. But when I was doing my hair the other day, in my air-conditioned house, with a baby crawling around my feet, I tried to figure out what that meant. How could I not take for granted in that moment my conveniences and my blessings. I wasn’t wanting to take anything for granted, but was I doing so by mindlessly using something or going about my day without really considering the blessings in it all? Deep thoughts for a blog about poop, I know.

So, here’s what I’ve come to the conclusion with so far:

  • We all don’t want to take things for granted.
  • We all do take things for granted.
  • We usually don’t take things for granted on purpose.
  • Being mindful of something is a way to not take something for granted.
  • Offering thanksgiving or stepping out to show appreciation for something is a way to not take things for granted.

So – that’s what I’ve got so far. I’ve been through enough life experience to know to be thankful for each day, and that each day is a gift. But this concept of not taking it for granted really has me wondering what that practically means. Ring in on this with me, because I’m really trying to figure it out. How do you NOT take things for granted?

August 18, 2011 at 11:39 am 4 comments

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