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What To Do if your Baby Poops in the Tub

What to do if your baby poops in the tub:

1. Stop, look at it, and come to the realization that yes, that is a big turd in your tub.

(step 2 is what I should have done, alas, I instead skipped to step 3)

2. Remove baby from tub immediately, and hang her/him over the toilet in case they’re not finished. If you don’t, you’ll end up having some really bad “poop water.” Yes, I speak from experience.

3. Recruit help (if someone else is around) to hold baby while you take care of mess in the tub. Try not to beat them up too much over their gag reflex.

4. Take a wipe and scrape the poo out of the tub, or collect it if it’s floating. A fish tank cleaner might even be helpful if this is a common occurrence. Grab one of those baggies from your diaper bag (like the ones you take with you when you walk your dog, except for kids), and put the dirty wipe and pieces of poop in that bag. Twist to hide the smell. Dispose.

5. Drain the poop water, clean the tub. Refil the tub.

6. Re-wash your kid who has just soaked, and possibly even splashed, poop water all around your bathroom. Make sure to get any toys, too – and keep them out of their mouth. Eww, right?

7. Re-bathe your baby, washing off the poop water from him/her.

8. Laugh and tell the kid they are awesome, because now you have the best rehearsal dinner story ever.

February 17, 2011 at 11:50 am 1 comment

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