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January 18 – Visiting Baby | Mae’s Adoption Journey

It’s amazing how just a week earlier, time couldn’t go any faster.

Yet upon agreeing to adopt a baby girl living just 10 minutes away from us, and waiting for a final court date to be set, time couldn’t go any slower.

Our days were full of working and then figuring out how to slip over and visit the baby. We wanted to see her as much as we possibly could. Uncle Nick had gone out of town and the baby was staying with his neighbor for the week. As much as we wanted to keep her with us, our lawyer advised we not bring her home until the judge handed us the paperwork for custody – so we settled with visits. Even if we did have to travel in the snow. To a stranger’s house. To hold our baby in their bedroom. And hang out to take pictures of her in their living room. Even if we didn’t know them.

Not really our cup of tea. But at least they were some of the nicest people we’d met. Oh the things you’ll do for your … kids.


January 18, 2012 at 6:53 am 1 comment

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