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Reason #22 You Never Want Colon Cancer

Reason #22
Your pre-existing condition.

Yep people, I’ll touch on it a little bit. But for the sake of harmony and getting to the point rather than my preferences, I’ll keep my opinions to a minimum. Regardless on what side of the health care line you are on, anyone else who can relate to having a pre-existing condition knows the sigh of relief that comes with hearing that someone is noticing our dilemma. Right now, it happens to be our government. I’m not going to get into a debate whether or not the legislation passed last night was the right or wrong step, but I will put it out there that I’m happy that there IS now a step and that we’re actually talking about it. To be someone who has been treated for a medical condition (especially one I had NO control over) and then told that I cannot get the one thing I need now because of it (health insurance free from a group plan) is the sinful nature at it’s finest. Whether it’s the church, our communities, small business owners or our government that is working to fix this problem that impacts our time on Earth, at least we’re getting somewhere.

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