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Dear Colon

Dear Colon,

Well, it’s been a rough week. We were doing so well, and off to a great start. You’d actually impressed me and many of my doctors. You’d been keeping up to speed with me and my busyness, and actually surpassed my expectations. You usually … hold … more than I expect, and have found a way to fade into the background most of the time. I know you still have the typical gas, bloating and “blah” moments pretty frequently, but I’ve found a way to look past those. My props genuinely go out to you. You’ve been doing so well.

But, as we both know, I’m writing you based on the past week or so. We’ve not been getting along, and these fits you’ve thrown now two times in one week cannot go on. Tonight’s little episode right before the birthday party was not cool, and I got your message loud and clear. You were unhappy, and you did something about it. And it’s gotten my full attention.

I realize that I’ve not been doing my part. I haven’t been resting well, eating great, nor managing my stress the past few weeks. But hey, we’re still trying to live as normal life as possible and that stuff happens. Plus, a girl’s gotta have a late night and a sprinkled donut with coffee in the morning once and awhile. I’m not asking for big things here, just a day or two where I can feel like the average 26-year-old who’s enjoying the life, friends and family God’s given her. Not the gal who’s life is defined by her colon … or lack thereof. I know it might be unreasonable to ask for all of that, but it’s where I’m at after a rough night.

I’m writing to propose a deal. I’ll do a better job of watching what I eat so that you don’t have to work so hard. You have gotten so good at keeping up with me, that I’ve forgotten how my diet really does impact you. I’ll rest up and work better at cutting down some stress, with one being exercise. But in return, I need you to cool it for a little while. Lay off the back pains and cramps, and start … holding … stuff again. Give me a little break and let me feel normal again, at least as much as possible.We have to work together, you and me.

Please don’t take this as disingenuous, and an attempt at getting what I want out of you. I am SO thankful you’re still here, even if you are itty bitty. You’ve been through a lot, and I will start taking care of you as well as I can. I hope you will do the same for me.



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Bottoms Up

Welcome to the latest blog about colons.

I’ve created this blog for two reasons.

1. I am a young colon cancer survivor.

Actually, I’ve had colon cancer twice. I’m 25 years old. I’ve only got about 18 inches of my colon.

They say it’s good to have a place to let off steam. So I’ve created this blog. This will be my “dumping spot” for all things colon-related. I will be as candid as possible in my stories.  I hope people with normal colons will find more appreciation after chomping down that plate full of refried beans without thinking twice, and my fellow semi-colons will find comfort that they’re not alone – and even laugh with me about what we go through.

2. I love to write.

Anne Lammott says to be a good writer, write every day. So my topic of choice that affects me every day: my colon, or lack thereof. Get ready for tales of the good and the bad. Maybe living through such a dramatic life event will have some rewards in the end.

So with that, welcome to blog. Let the games begin…

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