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Hi….you spurred me on to have a colonoscopy this past Monday…..

That’s how an awesome email I received a few days ago began from one of my faithful blog readers. Receiving feedback like this makes the risk of putting out my life stories on this crazy blog all the more worthwhile.

Here’s the thing about SemiColon Stories … it’s been tagged as a “humorous” blog as of late. That cracks me up in itself. You see, when I set out on my blogging ship last fall, I didn’t really have any intentions of trying to be funny. I just thought I’d work on my writing skills and use a subject I have lots of material to write about. I’d share things about my life to help tell everyone else about colon cancer while becoming a better writer.

Well, what’s fun to me is that my little writing project has turned into something so much more. I don’t write the short, memoir-esque stories I had planned on and instead give snippets about daily life and what’s on my mind … or coming out of my rear. And in the meantime, people have found it insightful, interesting, (maybe gross), humorous, and even motivating. It’s gotten people talking about all things colon, which is awesome, and others are taking steps toward improving their colon health – or at least eating better foods.

So here’s to everyone who’s been affected by SemiColon Stories thus far. If it’s provided you a good laugh, that’s awesome and I hope you keep enjoying my crazy colon stories. If it’s made you buy one organic item at the store, you go! If it’s given you a deeper understanding about surviving cancer in general, I hope you spread awareness for us (or at least have patience when we can’t remember anything or have an occasional identity crises.) And last, if it’s actually spurred you on to look twice at your poo, encourage a friend to do the same, or even get a colonoscopy – you rock my face off and keep it going!

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Bottoms Up

Welcome to the latest blog about colons.

I’ve created this blog for two reasons.

1. I am a young colon cancer survivor.

Actually, I’ve had colon cancer twice. I’m 25 years old. I’ve only got about 18 inches of my colon.

They say it’s good to have a place to let off steam. So I’ve created this blog. This will be my “dumping spot” for all things colon-related. I will be as candid as possible in my stories.  I hope people with normal colons will find more appreciation after chomping down that plate full of refried beans without thinking twice, and my fellow semi-colons will find comfort that they’re not alone – and even laugh with me about what we go through.

2. I love to write.

Anne Lammott says to be a good writer, write every day. So my topic of choice that affects me every day: my colon, or lack thereof. Get ready for tales of the good and the bad. Maybe living through such a dramatic life event will have some rewards in the end.

So with that, welcome to blog. Let the games begin…

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