Welcoming Dr. Oz to the Colon Cancer Cause

September 9, 2010 at 11:39 pm Leave a comment

It feels good to have one of the most reputable doctors (granted, he’s on TV) talking about your cause.
He’s putting Katie Couric to the test for sure.

This week, Dr. Oz opened up his show’s season premiere by giving a very personal look at his colonoscopy.
He went in for a routine scan since he turned 50 over the summer, and came out shocked and stunned.
His first-ever colonoscopy found a pre-cancerous polyp that had it not been removed, would have turned to cancer.
Thanks to my mom for mentioning the show to me, I had no idea.

I found the episode to be quite emotional, as did Dr. Oz.
The look on his face showed that he was totally surprised by the results – something I can definitely relate with.
Nobody thinks (especially those who are generally healthy) that they will get colon cancer.
It especially tugged at me when he realized what it meant for his kids. He knew it was a game changer.
When your path report comes back and says your body had started to turn that way, it’s unsettling.
I’m so thankful that he caught it early and avoided even a stage 1 diagnosis.

I didn’t think I could get colon cancer it at age 17, and then again at 25.
A host of my good friends never expected the diagnosis in their 20s, 30s and 40s either.
Nobody thinks that their body is growing polyps, and especially the pre-cancerous kind.
And especially the perfectly healthy Dr. Oz.
But as he showed the world, pre-cancerous polyps and colon cancer CAN (and does) happen to anyone.

If anyone saw the episode – don’t freak out. I don’t know why these people on TV stay awake for their colonoscopies.
I’ve never been awake during one, and I’m always sedated and have a nice sleep.
The gallon prep they showed is also something of my former days – the prep I do is much easier.
But the multiple bathroom trips, bloating and lovely hospital gown are all the same. Sorry about that.

Colon cancer is no joke.
I know that people can get tired of hearing about it and ignore the scans due to the prep, but it’s time to stop waiting.
A colonoscopy saved Dr. Oz’s life, it saved my life, and it will save many more.
Colonoscopies are must-haves for everyone, just as mammograms are for women. There’s not really a way around it.

So – if you’re over 50 and have not have a scan yet, call and get one set up today.
If you’re not over 50, but you have a family history of the disease (AHEM all of my aunts, uncles and cousins), get screened earlier and don’t mess around if you have ANY symptoms of the disease.
If you’re African American, you need to be screened closer to age 40-45.
And if you have any unusual gas, bloating, bleeding, weight gain/loss, or any other strange stool issues, please get it checked now.

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