I’m Published! (and how to order…)

November 24, 2010 at 5:20 pm Leave a comment

I'm Published!

This Semicolon is now PUBLISHED!

Today is an exciting day! With us breaking the family news this week, I’m also excited to announce another exciting bit of information: I’m a published author!

I had the opportunity to write a few devotionals for the new book, “101 Facets of Faith.” This is a moving devotional book that includes entries from several other Christian authors who also tell their personal stories of trying times that have required deep faith. The book features stories involving…

Deep Loss | Sickness | Tragedy | Hard Times

It tells the tales of those who give thanks, display courage and receive amazing answers to prayer. I personally have three entries in this book and wrote devotionals touching on my cancer, infertility and trying to keep an overall positive outlook on life.


Purchasing a book is easy!

Because I can directly sell the books as one of the authors, all proceeds from each book will go into our Burgess Adoption Fund. (now you see why we waited to announce the book!)

If you’d like a copy of 101 Facets of Faith for yourself or a friend (devotional books make GREAT gifts!), follow the “Buy Now” button below to pay with your credit/debit card via PayPal. One flat fee of $20/book will cover the cost of the book and all shipping/handling costs, and again, all will go toward our Burgess Adoption Fund! I’ll get your books in the mail to you as soon as the payment is processed!

(You DO NOT have to have a PayPal account to order online. Simply follow the link and click the “Continue” link on the bottom left-hand side of the page.)

(Sorry for the inconvenience, but PayPal can only process one book at a time. If you’d like multiple copies, you can email me at semicoloncommunications@gmail.com and we’ll get you hooked up!) 

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